For children, South Tyrol offers a living environment that has been lost in many European cities. Here, it is still possible to play freely in the open air, most children can cycle to school, and encounters with horses, cows, or llamas are likely even on a Sunday stroll above Bolzano. As demonstrated by above-average results in the PISA tests, the school system in South Tyrol also provides a good start in life. Parents can choose for their children to be educated from kindergarten to high school in any one of the three national languages: German, Italian and Ladin. Children also learn a second language, at least, from a very early age at all of these schools. The trilingual Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, which currently has five faculties, conducts courses in English, German and Italian. That Italy is one of the European laggards when it comes to financial support for families is also strongly felt in South Tyrol. However, the Autonomous Province offers a wider range of support than does the state, both in terms of financial support and childcare. Discover childcare here: from zero to six, Kindergarten, school,university.