In Italy, the standard work week is 40 hours per week. Some collective wage agreements provide for a lesser number of hours. There are also exceptions for some occupational groups, but the upper legal limit is 48 hours per week.
The number of vacation days is also specified in collective wage agreements. By law, employees have a minimum of 4 vacation weeks per year, which must actually be used—not paid out. Collective wage agreements also provide for free hours that are still paid (permessi), which is intended mainly to give working people time to run personal and household errands.
There are also legal holidays. Anyone who works in South Tyrol enjoys 12 of these holidays a year—one more than employees in the rest of Italy: New Year’s Day (1 January), Epiphany (6 January), Liberation Day (25 April), Easter Monday, Labour Day (1 May), the Day of the Republic (2 June), Whit Monday (the day after Pentecost; only a legal holiday in South Tyrol) Assumption Day (15 August), All Saints’ Day (1 November), Immaculate Conception (8 December), Christmas Day (25 December) and St. Stephen's Day (26 December).

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