South Tyrol offers many different lifestyles given its relatively small size. When you step across your threshold, do you want to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of urban life? Or would you rather be located along a steep mountain road where there is only one route leading to the outside world? Do you want your view to look out over old shingle roofs, across gently rolling vineyards, or onto the majestic Dolomites?
House hunting in South Tyrol means, first and foremost, an ordering of your preferences. City life in the region could mean lively Bolzano, which is strongly influenced by Italian culture; it could also mean, though, a more tranquil municipal location such as Bressanone, Brunico or Merano. Country life could mean a house amidst the apple orchards found on the valley floors, a place on a high plateau above Bolzano, or a rustic farm in one of the remote valleys.
We can’t take the decision for you as to where you want to live in South Tyrol; we can, however, provide you with the most important information you’ll need in order to make your choice.
As elsewhere, South Tyrol has several different ways to go about finding housing including a dense network of brokers, advertisements listed in newspapers, and Internet portals. Here are some of the most important contact addresses: "South Tyrol’s association of real estate brokers, Living in South Tyrol, Real Estate Portals.