A bridge connecting Northern and Southern Europe

A land that sits between North and South Europe, as a bridge between the two. South Tyrol sits in a central location on the map of Europe. This great position also reflects its cultural melting pot. Whoever choses to live and work in South Tyrol will find a perfectly bilingual place and a University (the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) where three languages are spoken (Italian, German and English). The only one of it kind in Italy. This is actually reflected everywhere in the South Tyrol society, making it a perfect example of real multiculturalism - something unique in Italy.

This attitude to debate and comparison is also shown in the world of business and innovation, which has always been able to focus on the uniqueness of each cultural imprinting while effectively bringing these different facets together. In South Tyrol, being proactively international is a fact of everyday life, and the numbers are there to prove it. The export sector (worth around 4.43 billion euros in 2016 alone) includes products and services that spread out to all five continents. The main european destinations (71% of the total South Tyrol export market) are Germany (34%), Austria (11.1%), Switzerland (5.8%), France (4.8%) and Spin (3.7%). Outside Europe, Asia and America respectively account for 10.3% and 6.1% of export business.

The majority of goods destined to the American market go to the USA (4.6% of total exports) which represents the fifth market for South Tyrol. And if the export sector is so strong, so too is the expertise of South Tyrol. Its competitiveness and constant striving for innovation are indeed very much appreciated abroad.